Finally we find some breathing room on this graph!

Andrew still holding tight to the lead but Trey with a dedicated march upwards is now only 5 points behind. Also in a surprise not seen in all the years I have been doing this graph, old Matty D has made a come back and is holding on to 3rd only 9 points on to the lead. Looks like that Diaper Money this year is going to be a little bit more of a battle Andrew.

The old Graphster took a hard hit on week 4, but tries to recover this week. Edward is right at striking distance for anyone in the top 4 to have a bad week. It looks like this year Drew will actually stay on the graph, which is nice as it saves me having to go dig in the archives.

Almost across the entire board everyone had an upturn this week, edging ever closer to the lead, except for Swick, which I feel like my earlier writings cursed him.

At the bottom of the graph we find Schmidty, but some how not at the very bottom, there we have the Webers. Emily I understand, she missed some picks early on and had a week with 9 points, but Kyle, man, what’s going on this season. Is your play here an inverse to how Florida is doing?

Finally, we have Big Mick, who is winning the award for first person to make me increase the boundaries on the graph. Will he be the first to be erased from existance? We will see.

And now on to more pressing buisness. Our money.


It’s not great. But then we probably all new it wasn’t going to be. I do houses, not stocks. At this point I am probably still paying the winnings out of my pocket, as I don’t feel like taking a loss on the silver market.

And it’s silver, it’s bound to come back right?


Until next week, enjoy Fall everyone!