Week 3 - Better, But Still a Mess

Well here we are Week 3. Andrew holding an impressive 12 point lead on first as well as a 4 digit ESPN Ranking of 3899 - NICE. The Old Graphster find’s himself surprised on this Friday morning to find himself somehow in second. And Trey also with a positive gain on first find’s himself in 3rd. With the exception of Matt D, who somehow still remembered to make his picks in week 3 (what a twist) that rounds out the upslopes for the week. Swick, did I jinx you, did you get mental on yourself, or did I just predict the future last week. Well hang in there, you currently are only in the middle of the graph. Below the Swickline we find both the Webers still. Most shockingly is Kyle as he is getting aweful close to Emily, who missed picking 3 games in Week 2. And then finally, our faithful Caboose is Schmidty. I find comfort in Constants.

Alright Gang. Week 4 is upon us. Looks to be tough week. San Diego State v. Utah State? Buff’s v. Sun Devils? Ick.

Best of luck out there everyone.

See you on the other side.

Meanwhile in the Silver Game...

Well inline with 80% of Pick’em players this week is the SLV stock; pretty crappy. Down almost $30. So I guess this experiment has officially gotten to Interesting.

SLV WK03 - Graph.JPG
SLV WK 03.jpg