Week 2 - And Now We Have Lines


Normally I don’t have a lot to say this week. I still don’t. Go home kid’s, you’ve gotten to old to play this game. Normally in week two it’s just a random scattering of straight lines with no real pattern. See here is last years.

Some gains, some losses, some laterals. But you guys this week, this year… you all suck.

Andrew holds on to the lead, nicely. While everyone else get’s further away. Luckily there are some constants. Swick* and Schmidty both hold true to immediately plummeting to the bottom of the group. So at least it still looks a little like home. On a more positive note, down there at the bottom of the graph with Schmidty are both Emily and Kyle. One might think that they might not be colluding in their household this year to steal all our money. But the wise man would tell you that’s probably just their long game to lull us into a false sense of security.

(*Editors Note 9/9/19 13:26 - Swick’s actually in 3rd, who knew. I mean the data knew, but we weren’t paying attention to that. Our apologize. Keep it up Swick and maybe we will say something positive next week. [Unlikely, but maybe])

Hey! So, how is that about that silver stock doing ?!?

So that was week 2’s write up, and I can honestly say it was pretty flat and no where close to my best work. Actually like this weeks graph might be one of the worst starts ever. I honestly only put something up so I could share the status of the Silver stock with you, because let’s be honest that’s why we are all here. (That and making the graph is way more interesting than the work on my desk right now)

Ugh. It looks like all graphs this week have the same sickness of heading downward. While hitting it’s 52 week high over the weekend we are now $0.06 a share down from the beginning of last week. Sigh.

But not to worry, I am sure we all will rise next week to higher levels.

Until then, carry on!