Week 1 - The Year of Silver begins.

Why Hello and Welcome to College Pick’em 2019!

It’s early, and quiet. Not to many words now as there isn’t that much data yet, it’s calm out there on the battle field. Hard to speak of results as without numbers there can’t be words. Here is what I do know. We have three 1st, two 4ths and four 6th’s and then every one else.

We have a total of 13 contestants this year, lending itself to I think the largest pot today of $325 all in. First is looking at $210, second is looking at $90 and as always third gets to go home with it’s entry money of $25.

Now on to a personal omission. Guy’s, it’s been hard the last couple years to keep writing these things. Sure there are weeks where making fun of Swick and Schmidty’s imminent demise, or how raising your child in Florida and feeding them nothing by mayo and Monster energy drinks make for a questionable human but a pretty good pick’em player, fly out of my fingers like lightening. But I have found myself lately missing the spark to really do these write ups like I use to, or the time. I need new life, I need more data, something more to keep track of, more…more Graphs!!

So for the first time ever, instead of just embezzling your money or letting it sit in my Paypal account until Freemuim games drains every last penny just in time for me to have to pay Mayo Man his winnings, I am putting this groups money to work. As of this morning I now own 17 shares of iShares Silver Trust. That’s right I took this groups money and I bought Silver with it. (Well it’s actually a holding company for Silver Miners, but in the little bit of research I did for this buy it made more financial sense then buying actual silver, this might be a prank but I still would like all my money back a the end)

So now every week we can all watch as I potentially make money or still end up having to pay Mayo Man out of my personal funds.

Here’s to the Silver year everyone!

Here’s to Football!

Here’s to us all!